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CompTIA® Security+ SYO-101 Tutorials
The CompTIA® Security+ test indicates that someone has the concepts for an entry level
security position and covers security in a broad based sense.

There are 100 questions on the exam with a passing score of 764 on a scale of 100 to 900 with the test lasting 90 minutes.
Where as the Microsoft® 70-214 Security exam is specifically related to security in the Microsoft® domain.
The CISSP exam would be the elite Security certification and takes a few years of experience before one may even apply to take this exam!

CompTIA® Security+ (Sy0-101) objectives are broken down into five domains:

DOMAIN 1.0: General Security Concepts

DOMAIN 2.0: Communication Security

DOMAIN 3.0: Infrastructure Security

DOMAIN 4.0: Basics of Cryptography

DOMAIN 5.0: Operational/Organizational Security

We have a few tutorials listed that are essentially to know for anyone learning about security.

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